Delhi Elections are already on peak in Delhi despite the chilling waves and cold, but election heat wave has already rising Delhi’s atmosphere. It’s a clear fight between Delhi’s AAP fielding against the national heavyweights like BJP and Congress. After thumping victory in 2015 Delhi assembly polls, AAP has proven mettle in last 5 years in Delhi by their work ethics, fast process, disciplined culture, in-depth knowledge and execution of AAP’s 2015 manifesto. No doubt they have achieved almost all the promises made by them in turning Delhi into a model of “TRUE VIKAS” in last 5 years. Promises in the fields of Education sector, delhi slums rehabilitation, aam aadmi’s safety measures and women transportation, government healthcare schemes, basic needs of electricity, water and many more, has been successfully achieved. The party has attracted many youths to follow them closely and idealize a next true model for Delhi. Inspired by their work, one of the startups from Delhi name WOWHEADS, has undoubtedly created a miniature bobblehead of Delhi AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal in an epic pose with their election symbol jhaddu in hand, cleaning Delhi from corruption and crimes demaning swaraj for Delhi, in an extended support to AAP they are selling these bobbleheads with a banner standee stating the work achieved by Delhi government in last 5 years.