Not even you can décor it but also its provides unique methods to celebrate or remember the special occasions like marriage anniversary, Birth day etc.. Bobbleheads are funny, interesting and original collectables, making them the best gifts you can offer to a special person. They are perfect to give as gifts or to spice up a dashboard or office desk. They always bring a smile or a laugh.Katie-S

Everyone loves bobble head dolls, especially custom ones. The bobble head is assembled doll. , actually, the body and head attached by a spring which gives a very funny. These funny looks of a bobble heads makes your presence in the birthday/ anniversary momerable.

Here are some reasons why custom bobbleheads make unique birthday/ anniversary presents:-

1. For costom Bobbleheads you can use your own image:-

Your bobblehead can have a face which looks just like your recipient or you can say a clone. This is a memento they will keep forever.  Most of the people now able to decide gift. So, in that case, Personalized bobbleheads can be a unique one.

Choose different sizes, styles and clothing

These are completely customized so you can get the look perfectly. You can choose from various statures and pick their eye shading. If you like you can add optional extras such as hats and glasses.


funny Kids custom Bobbleheads


They will have never received anything like it

If you give a custom bobblehead it will be something they have never received before. This is going to be the talk of the party and will be the quirkiest gift they get for their birthday this year. Every time they see their head bob, bob, bobbing they will smile as they think of you.

You can include a Text message

You can add a text message to the base, or dress for a customized touch. While this is a fun and remarkable though – it can be sentimental too. Say something funny, or something heartfelt. The choice is yours! If you are looking for a birthday/ anniversary then Custom bobbleheads are the best choice.