About Us

Who We Are

Wowheads is the group of practical enthusiast who can bring the concepts to reality to production to market and innovate a unique hierarchy of modern art crafts and hobby toys, where every segment at Indian and global arena can get the opportunity to own a master piece and become a part of the Wowheads studios artimation campaign.


What We Do

Wowheads focus towards bringing conceptualization to the realization in the today’s arena. Here we believe to bring the comic characters, heroes, idols and gods in realization where fans can follow and buy a unique state of the art. Where they can get a chance to own the master pieces sculpted from the top most artists in global arena.
We believe in increasing and upbringing of Indian arts and crafts from the traditional mindset to the modern age of character detailed like like sculpting and spread the awareness, introducing the culture and aura of Indian gods and heroes on the global stage.


Our Vision

Wowheads has seen and made miniature hobby markets in India. We sees an opportunity with famous licenses globally and roped in with many famous properties and supplied superior quality products either directly and third party. As part of the core objective, Wowheads bringing many licensed merchandise to the fans and will keep engaging with them more and more, with unique range of collectibles.


Our History

Wowheads is a company started by Mr. Emeypreet singh, an enthusiast with keen interest in character arts and likeliness. He adopted the art of making sculpts and capture likeliness, found bobbleheads, miniature dolls and figurines as the right way to express the emotions and approach audiences with the characters we all love and follow. Soon the art started capturing the affection and attention of masses, so he bring this concept to manufacture and supply to the audiences. Many people rightly call him, the “Father of Bobbleheads” in Indian markets. Wowheads the initiative started couple of years back and now holds significant licenses from the top characters in the industry and has been supplying the unique state of the art products to the Indian markets.